Sons of Integrity

A good evening men. As I was studying the Book of Samuel, I came across a learning which I am happy to share.

"Your son's do not walk in your ways" - 1 Samuel 8:5

Samuel was the Judge, Prophet, Priest, Intercessor and Commander-in-Chief over Israel

He was known as an upright man of integrity who never abused his many roles and offices to defraud the poor or oppress the people or take bribe or pervert justice.

As he grew older, he deployed 2 sons of his, to be judges at Beersheba. He did this believing he had raised children like himself. Alas, his 2 sons loved gain more than integrity or justice. They began to take brides and pervert justice.

The elders of Israel saw this and confronted Samuel. This then led to the revolution of having Kings as opposed to Judges and God's direct rule over Israel

What is the point?
Samuel failed his own family. It may be too harsh to conclude but indeed he appointed his sons into leadership when they actually were not fit in terms of character and integrity.

We can also talk of Eli the Priest who too ordained his 2 sons for service but later proved not fit as they began to eat burnt offerings, commit fornication and adultery at the alter resulting in their curse and death.

As man, we have a mandate to be priests, prophets, Kings and intercessors for and over our families. We are meant to teach and guide our families in the ways of the Lord.

May we seek grace to raise up sons or children like us, who can serve God and His people well, with moral integrity.

May we continue to cry to the Lord that our children not be lost or swallowed by the world while we are regarded as spiritual people.

Children can either bring honor or disgrace to the father and mother.

May the Lord help us as man.

Come to think of it; if Samuel had raised sons of integrity like himself, there wouldn't have been Kings, Israel wouldn't have sinned against God, Saul wouldn't have ruled anyone with a hard hand

Some family problems can be prevented or avoided if ONLY we raise God-fearing sons and daughters.

Lord help us

I thus urge you my leaders NOT TO IGNORE this young generation. Be intentional in the Church schedules and programs to taylor make processes for their empowerment otherwise we would have failed to lead them.

We also must make effort to cater for other needs of theirs so they feel loved and cared for.

Lord help the church